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Our Story

Welcome to Harvey Roe! We are a well established family run HMO management company. We are currently working with landlords in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Luton and Hatfield. We created Harvey Roe nine years ago due to identifying a need in the market for a straight forward alternative to standard HMO management. We are both HMO landlords ourselves and know every pitfall and stress HMO landlords face - from commercial mortgage rates to blocked drains! We have seen the rental market change many times and we continue to guarantee rent to landlords despite license changes, the pandemic, energy price hikes and through Brexit repercussions.

When it really comes down to it, the landlords we speak to seem to all have the same concerns and problems:

  • They don't want the headache of managing the HMO themselves - they want their time back.
  • They want to ensure their income is the same and guaranteed without the stress of trying to get tenants to pay and stay at 100% occupancy.
  • They want to ensure maintenance costs are kept down and they need to trust the agent working with them not to add on costs and do unnecessary works.
  • They care about keeping their property safe and its condition for a future sale and capital gain.

Our Values

Our company values are extensions of us as individuals -
we believe in being safe, dependable, progressive and joyful.

Lizzie Robinson
Lizzie Robinson Co-Founder & CEO

We have a solution

The Harvey Roe Guaranteed Rent Scheme. Effectively, this strategy means that we manage the property for the landlord completely - taking care of everything from maintenance to renovations and most importantly finding the ideal tenants. Take a look at this short video to see how it can work for you.


What we offer:

  • Guaranteed rent for up to 5 years - this means if any rooms are empty, you still receive the same income.
  • We invest our own money in a light refurbishment of the property and brand new furniture which is yours to keep once the contract ends.
  • We pay all the bills, instruct and pay our own in - house gardeners and cleaners and cover any minor issues that arise in the property, for example, shower heads, mould etc.
  • We relocate and house our high quality professional tenants from our database and our exclusive connections with relocation agents and the NHS.
  • We are always up to date with the latest legislation and ensure all compliance checks are done and the correct certification is arranged.

All this means you can sit back and relax or spend time on other projects, in the full knowledge that your property is in safe hands!

Whether you are ready to work with us or simply want to connect, we would love to connect and have a no obligation chat.

Case Studies

What is it like, as a landlord, to work with Harvey Roe?

Case Study A: Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Painpoints: Poor agency management, being charged lots of add-ons, property falling into decline. The landlord was suffering from poor health and didn't have the time to devote to the property.

Plan: Once the previous tenants had left, we transformed this property using £4,500 of our own money in less than 2 weeks. We provided all new furniture and created a boutique feel for the fully vetted and professional tenants.

Result: The property was making £150 more for the landlord per month than he was used to and the contract is in place for 5 years. The standard of the property has increased the value and the tenants are extremely happy - treating the property like their home!

Before: Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Communal Area
After: Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Communal Area
Case Study B: Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Painpoints: This landlord works full time and purchased several HMOs many years ago for long term passive income. Having children and an expanding business meant landlord B was becoming frustrated with running the property himself and consequently the tenants and property were declining in quality. The local council had raised issues when the property was inspected and neighbours complained about rubbish and noise.

Plan: Harvey Roe took over the property on a management only deal and supported the current tenants to move out. A full refurbishment took place at Harvey Roe's expense using our expert maintenance team. The landlord didn't lose any rent and we moved onto the guaranteed rent scheme. The rent agreed meant in total he was receiving £200 extra per month in rent but increasing profit by over £350 a month due to the bills being managed and paid for by us.

Result: This landlord managed to remortgage this property to release equity, buying a new property which we also now manage! This property rents extremely well and homes many doctors working locally.

Before: Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Communal Area
After: Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Communal Area

As landlords ourselves, we are fully aware of the trust required to handover your property to us -
rest assured we treat your property as if it were one of our own and always ensure it's win-win-win, for you the landlord, for the tenant and for Harvey Roe.

Mat Roe
Mat Roe Co-Founder & CFO

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Included in the Harvey Roe Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Property Refurbishment

We will offer a light refurb to your property, using our own money, often spending around £7,500. It can include decorating, repairs and new furniture. At the end of the deal period, you have the option to keep the new furniture.

Guaranteed Rent

Every month for the duration of our contract, you will receive the agreed rent - guarenteed. You will never have to worry about vacant rooms. In addition, we manage and pay all the bills, meaning you get to keep more of the money you receive.


We will maintain your property to the highest standards using trusted tradesmen we have built relationships with for many years. We take care of all the coordination with the trades and tenants. We will seek the landlord's approval for larger peices of work and for work below the cost threshold, we take care of this without ever disturbing you.

Certifications and Compliance

HMO applications, certification and ensuring practise keeps up with legislation.

Tenant Find

We have a curated database of high quality, professional tenants who are ready to move into your property and make it their new home.


Our standard service includes bi-weekly professional cleaning of the property. This is a value add service to the tenants, but it also ensures that your property is well looked after on a regular basis.


During the summer months, we provide a bi-weekly gardening service. This includes basic services, such as grass cutting, weeding and general tidy up.

Property Inspections

To ensure compliance with legal requirements and to ensure the safety of the tenants and property, we regularly inspect our houses. This also allows us to pick up maintenance issues and deal with them sooner rather than later.

Tenant Management

We deal with all tenant management. We start with initial tenant find, we vet and background check the tenants, and we deal with any and all communication going forwards.


What is it like, as a Tenant, to rent with Harvey Roe?


At Harvey Roe, we love providing safe and secure homes for our professional tenants. Many of our tenants are relocating from abroad and have come to the UK to support the NHS and to care for us. We thank you for everything you do for us. If you choose Harvey Roe as your relocation agent (you may have found us via your new hospital or Carehome HR department), you can request services such as bedding delivered before you arrive, airport collection and support with referencing through your new employer.

Why choose Harvey Roe to manage your stay?

✅ We only allow fellow professionals to live in the property with you.
✅ We have a speedy and supportive maintenance service.
✅ We have created boutique living accommodation for you to enjoy.
✅ We care about you and your experience.
✅ We have over nine years of experience!

Nurses NHS Hospital

I can only thank you for everything I experienced during the time I spent here. The coexistence in the house was always great. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for a room to rent in the WATFORD region.

Thank you Harvey Roe - I have been renting with Harvey Roe for 2 years now and I wouldn't rent with anyone else!
Matthew S

Thank you for my lovely bedroom. I was very happy with you as agents. I will recommend you to colleagues.

Thank you so much for looking after me!! I'm sad to be moving out but will never forget the fab time I had at [redacted] - thanks once again!


Maintenance & Fire Safety

If something goes wrong, do not worry, our team will support you. We need as much information as possible so please use this link to upload information and photographs to show us what's happening so we can diagnose the issue and send out the right tradesperson. Once the issue is logged you can interact with us via CO-HO and find out progress and when the issue is resolved. This also means all other housemates can join in and help you where needed.

Fuse Box - How to reset a tripped circuit if you have a partial power cut.
Boiler - How to repressurise a boiler.
Mice/Rats - How to deal with pesky rodents.
Lights - How to change a light bulb.
Washing Machine - How to unblock a washing machine if its not draining.
Fridge Freezer - How to defrost your freezer.
Mould - How to deal with mould.
Bins - Advice on how the council treats your bins.
Toilets - How to unblock a toilet without a plunger.
Fire Safety Document -
Please download and read the document for your safety.

The reason why shared houses need fire alarms and fire doors is due to fact that tenants live in separate units and may engage in more risky behaviour -
for example cooking in rooms. This increases the chances of being in a fire by 40 per cent! This is why we work closely with the fire brigade and the council to prevent fires.

Katie Norman
Katie Norman Property Manager

Our Team

Lizzie Robinson

Lizzie Robinson


Lizzie is a Co-Founder and CEO of Harvey Roe. Managing the day to day operational aspects of the company. As a local HMO landlord herself, she understands how important it is to maintain a high quality product and achieve maximum ROI. In her spare time she enjoys setting community events, travelling and spending time with her familty and animals.

Mat Roe

Mat Roe


Mat worked extensively in the IT sector for over 25 years and became a landlord 10 years ago. His desire to support other landlords led him to co-created Harvey Roe. Mat is head of Finance, IT, and Compliance & Legal. Mat is a keen guitarist and snowboarder and enjoys live music gigs.

Katie Norman

Katie Norman

Property Manager

Katie is our property manager and is the go to for all property maintenance issues, sales and tenant support. Katie has worked in property her whole career, starting in larger corporates but has chosen to work with Harvey Roe to have a more personal approach with stakeholders. Katie likes to watch and play football and snowboarding.

Jacky Tucker

Jacky Tucker

Viewings Lead

Jacky has been working with Harvey Roe for over 5 years and has an amazing ability to match the right tenant to the right property. She has a keen interest in shared living and has lived in Watford all her adult life so knows everything about the town including amenities, transport routes and places to visit.


We have worked with agents for the last nine years and have an established relationship with local letting companies. Rather than see us as competition, they understand we can complement each other and support each other's businesses. If an agent is struggling to let a property in the traditional way, we can step in. Often, we work with agents who manage the student market and the properties are a little tired and could benefit from a refurbishment. The landlord remains happy as their property is let for market rent for up to 5 years giving reassurance. They often know the agent so keeping them as part of the deal adds to the reassurance. The agent benefits from the property being managed by us and not having to use up time and manpower as well as expensive advertisement fees. If you are an agent who specializes in single lets, its good to work alongside us as HMO specialists. If you are an agent and would like to work with us, please contact us to find out more about how we can work together.
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